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We help you tap into your intuition as a source of healing to live authentically and peacefully.

A daytime view of the Philadelphia skyline featuring modern skyscrapers, including the distinctive two-tower Liberty Place on the left and a building with a large 'W' logo on the right. The clear, blue sky enhances the striking architecture, giving a sense of home to this bustling urban landscape.
A cozy office with a large window providing a view of city buildings. The room features a comfortable sofa, a side table with a lamp, a potted plant, and framed art on the walls. There's natural light creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Intuitive Counseling Approach

Intuitive Counseling & Wellness is a collective of practitioners who foster growth and healing by helping you tap into your intuition to live peacefully and authentically.

Our mental health therapists utilize treatment modalities emphasizing connections between the mind, body, and spirit.

Regardless of what has guided you here, you can expect a meaningful and transformative experience. It’s an honor to join you on your journey.

Meet Our Therapists

Intuitive Care

We’re a diverse team of therapists with unique approaches to our clients. Learn more here and contact us to book an appointment.